Royal Eastbourne Golf Club



  • Consultancy and planning.


  • Critical colour-calibration, printing and finishing.



Client Background

Established in 1887 and situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, ‘The Royal’ is one of the UK’s oldest and most prestigious golf clubs. It has had many distinguished former members, including a Prime Minister, and the current president is The Duke of Devonshire.

Our Objective

Star Marketing was approached by a captain of the club with the aim of compiling and reproducing work that had been created by numerous artists within the membership - a calendar having been agreed upon as the ideal format. As well as becoming a showcase for their work, the calendars would also be sold to raise money for charity.



The Strategy

It was quickly established that in order to accurately represent the paintings to the satisfaction of the artists, and to produce a printed product that would command a premium retail price, exceptional quality standards would be essential at every stage of the production process (from the initial reproduction of the artists’ work through to the paper on which it would finally be printed).

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However, the innumerable variations in colour, media and materials used by artists can be notoriously difficult to reproduce accurately with traditional printing methods, as these use just four basic ink colours; fine art printing - which uses multiple ink colours - was an option, but production costs would have been prohibitive given the circumstances.

That we were eventually able to overcome these obstacles owed itself to our extensive knowledge of the printing process, which is based on years of experience as well as the highly specialised experience of some of our staff. In addition to this, thanks to the close working relationship we enjoy with our printers, we were able to analyse the paintings first-hand and make a joint decision on the best way to proceed. The strategy we decided upon was to work from each artist’s original painting, carefully calibrating colours so that accurate reproductions were possible, even within the limitations of the four-colour printing process.

The extraordinary care and attention to detail at the pre-press stage and the use of traditional litho printing allowed more of the budget to be spent on high quality paper and finishing, which supported the premium resale price.

The Results

Our willingness to take on challenging tasks and go that extra mile was rewarded on this occasion by a universally lauded final product; the printed calendars were delivered on time and on budget to coincide with an exhibition by the artists of their original work. Although the quantity ordered was initially considered optimistic, every last one was sold, generating a handsome profit which was donated to their designated charity.