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Automotive Printing 'Our Speciality'


We work closely with motor retailers and manufacturers, providing design, advertising and print services. Print items typically include tax disc holders, rear window stickers, customer handover folders, self-carbonated forms, letterheads, business cards, promotional literature and direct mail. Online pdf brochure.


Clients such as Hunters Land Rover, Nissan GB, Porsche Retail, Toyota and numerous Ford dealers choose to work with us and if you, too, would like a quote on any job – big or small; as much or as little as you want - then please feel free to call or email us for a quote on your next order. And if we can’t help you out then we won’t drive you mad with follow-up calls!


We often find that we're able to beat the prices that are currently being quoted – and, on top of that, we can do the legwork and handle all print, design and artwork requirements quickly and with minimal fuss.


There are a variety of reasons for using us to supply you with print work:

  • We have privileged access to a large network of suppliers with whom we are able to negotiate aggressively.

  • With a significant number of existing clients our cumulative buying power means that we can pass much lower prices on to you.

  • Over 30 years of experience with car dealers means that we can advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective production methods.

  • We’re easy to deal with, because we talk your language.

So, if you were planning on placing an order in the next few days then why not send us an email or give us a call? If we can beat your existing prices, then that's great, and if not, then hopefully we won’t have wasted too much of your time.



Your Requirements


Businesses of all types and sizes have a vast range of printing requirements - perhaps for promotional products, stationery, direct mail or point of sale material. From local fitness clubs to retail groups and manufacturers, numerous businesses rely on Star Marketing to provide this service for them.

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Different businesses have different objectives; local fitness clubs might require advice and assistance throughout the design and print process, whereas retail groups are likely to want the best possible prices and total reliability and manufacturers are often more concerned with the maintenance of detailed corporate standards and consistent print-work.



Our Service


Those looking to print or reprint almost anything are able to tap into Star’s national and international supplier network, which has been developed over more than 30 years. There are many advantages in having access to such a network, two of which we'd like to draw your attention to:

  • We're able to negotiate aggressively with our suppliers, based on the large amount of purchasing made on behalf of our clients, meaning that Star can pass-on some of the best prices available.

  • Because we have so much experience and know-how when it comes to printing and production, we're able to provide our clients with an unrivalled level of service and support. That our clients can rely on us for accurate advice based on a comprehensive understanding of the print process is demonstrated by our relationship with The Royal Eastbourne Golf Club.



Some Examples of Our Work

Advisory Role: In the case of a local Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Club, although the client had basic ideas for text, we were asked to help with layout and design before advising on print options, including quantities. We were also called upon to carry-out final production.

Regular Printing of Standard Products: Regular items produced by Star for Inchcape Retail include carbonless forms, presentation folders and tax disc holders for car windscreens; all of which are required on a regular basis at the keenest prices with specific storage and delivery instructions.

Prestige Brand Work: Porsche is understandably keen to protect and maintain its graphic and print standards in support of the brand. Letterheads, for instance, must be printed on paper sourced from a specific manufacturer, as well as being of a specific type, colour and weight. The complex Porsche logo must also be reproduced to a very high quality, always appearing in full colour and to very exacting standards. Even the line spacing in the text of its promotional material is specified in order to produce the correct impression, consistently, around the world.

In short, once orders are placed with Star, clients can rest assured that production and delivery will be handled by the very best people for the job - at agreed costs and on time. No ongoing further input or effort is necessary on the client’s part.